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Chiller_Its_horror_in_cold_blood - 'Chiller:' It' By BILL HAYDEN Gonna lit Now....
'Chiller:' It' By BILL HAYDEN Gonna lit Now. Serske "Chiller," CBS, tonight at 99 is an effectively made horror , movie that proves it's not necessary necessary to slosh blood by the gallons gallons across the screen to be provokingly frightening. Markedly unbloody, "Chiller" in many ways is an updated variation variation of Mary Shelley's anti-science anti-science anti-science gothic "Frankenstein" that pursues the metaphysical aspects even farther but not so far or so philosophically as to forget about entertaining the audience. audience. It starts out with Michael Beck dead and stashed away on ice for thawing out at some future time when medical science has the ability to bring him back to life. However, the crygoenic chamber In which his frozen body has been stored for a decade malfunctions malfunctions and starts to defrost. Having no other choice, the doctors doctors in charge set out to attempt reviving Beck. s horror in cold blood TV Preview Chiller 9 p.m. on CBS Channel 11Toledo To their .surprise, they succeed. succeed. The doctors may be surprised and Beatrice Straight as Beck's mother may be jubilant, but Beck accepts his return calmly and coldly. Everybody puts down his new remoteness and unemotionalness as being aftereffects aftereffects of what he's gone through. Only Paul Sorvino as the family's minister has any qualms about the new Beck. Before long, he is back running his family's company. He quickly establishes himself as being ruthless in business dealings dealings and arrogant in handling people, a very, very cold and calculating man. Straight sees his actions solely as proof that he is unique, but Sorvino finds what's going on increasingly sinister. sinister. Beck soon proves Sorvino is right to be disturbed about him. Writer J.D. Feigelson and director director Wes Craven have given the audience a movie in the classic classic horror film vein. Viewers know that an undefinable something something bad is going to happen and can do no more than endure the increasing tension until it happens. happens. But amid its gut-level gut-level gut-level Jolts and shocks, "Chiller" also ventures into subtler territory the existence existence of the soul, what happens to it after death, reconciling the concept of it with the sophisticated sophisticated advances in medical science. science. Some of the answers ''Chiller" proposes may make viewers wish for Shelley's simpler simpler solution of sending torch-bearing torch-bearing torch-bearing villagers after Frankenstein's monster.

Clipped from
  1. The News-Messenger,
  2. 22 May 1985, Wed,
  3. Page 19

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